SEO Resources Vol. 22

1. Google is retiring the AdWords & DoubleClick brands in a major rebranding aimed at simplification After 18 and 22 years, respectively, the AdWords and DoubleClick brands will soon cease to be. As part of a comprehensive effort to streamline its offerings, Google’s flagship advertising products are getting new names and reorganizing to better reflect their current capabilities and where the company sees trajectories for growth. Along with the rebranding, Google is also introducing some new solutions that further the push toward simplifying its advertising offerings. There will now be three primary brands: Google AdWords is now Google Ads. DoubleClick advertiser products and Google Analytic

SEO Resources Vol. 21

1. Supercharging your SEO with AI: Insights, automation and personalization This particular use of AI made headlines because people are drawn to applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can mimic human interactions, whether in science fiction or in real life. While that response is driven by fascination, it is also host to an element of fear. Can AI replace people? As marketers, we typically encounter two perspectives on this. Either AI will take our jobs and render us obsolete or it will complement our skills and make us more effective. According to a study by the Economist, 75 percent of executives say AI will be “actively implemented” in companies within the next three years, s

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