SEO Resources Vol. 15

1. 5 Technical SEO Problems Within Shopify & How to Solve Them Shopify has been around since 2004 and in my experience is a great alternative platform for small businesses that don’t have developer skills or the capital to hire development agencies, but want to be able to easily manage stock and content before they graduate to larger platforms that allow greater scale. Shopify can be a great solution for smaller businesses due to its simplicity and ease of use. It also has a number of aesthetically pleasing templates that can be bought and a simple analytics platform within the content management system (CMS), so the user doesn’t need development skills or be au fait with Google Analytics. A

SEO Resources Vol.14

1. Here’s How to Get the SEO Reports You REALLY Want & Deserve Here, have another SEO report that regurgitates the same data in a new way. Not happy yet? How about another? And another. And another. And another. You pay good money for SEO software that aims to provide solutions to your SEO and digital marketing problems. Yet, it seems like every day some other new platform offers the same report just in a new color and you still don’t have the tools you need to manage your SEO campaigns. So why can’t you seem to get what you need from an SEO software platform? Simple. It wasn’t built for you. Let’s be honest: it was built to satisfy the most people as possible within a niche of potential use

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