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Useful SEO tips to promote Products on Amazon and Enhance the Sale

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer platform for the third party sellers to sale their products. To enhance the product sale on Amazon product page need to be optimized properly. Optimizing the products on Amazon is not a rocket science. Plan a strategy and implement it. Amazon is different than Google in many ways.

Following are some useful SEO tips to optimize the products to achieve good ranking on Amazon and thus enhance the business scope:

  • Do detailed competitor analysis and what they are doing to promote the products.

  • Title of the product page should be proper. It can be upto 200 characters in length. Include product name, color of the product, brand name, product code.

  • Enhance product images. Buyer should be able view the main product photo properly without zooming in. Show product from different angles. Also show product packaging image. Display the product image from various angles.

  • Add product description in the form of points instead of a paragraph. Reiterate the key selling points. Also mention the various sizes of the products, available colors along with payment mode and shipping cost.

  • As product reviews are very important from user point of view. Encourage or do follow up with Customer to post product reviews along with rating.

  • If you are new on Amazon try for sponsor products’ listing as sponsor listing is listed below search results.

  • List the product under all the relevant categories.

  • Mention ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) in the product field. It helps to drive traffic even if the product is not ranking. You can find the ASIN in the product URL. For e.g. ASIN is B01EJPVDA2.

  • Offer discount, buy 1 get 1 free offers helps to convert motivated buyers. Daily deals and discount will help to enhance product sale.

Amazon is a very competitive and complex platform. With proper optimization of product and promotion of your listing will definitely help to compete.

If you want to suggest any other tips you are always welcome. Please suggest it via comment.

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