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Ultimate Off Page SEO Tips

Off Site search engine optimization means the SEO work that you are doing off your website. In otherwords it is nothing but generating good quality dofollow authority backlinks for the website. Off page SEO helps to increase website ranking on search engine result pages (SERP), domain authority, and page authority along with quality traffic to the website.

Various off site search engine optimization techniques:

  • Along with optimizing website for search engine ensure that the website user friendly.

  • Use long tail keywords in the title tag and description of the backlink.

  • Write lengthy articles instead of short blog posts as content are king for search engine.

  • Community creation on Social Networking Sites: Create profile on various social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Be active participants on these sites by participating in the relevant discussions.

  • Find broken Links on Wikipedia : Wikipedia actually has a many articles with dead links. Post an article/blog post matching the product or services you offer. Replace the dead link with the related page of the website. Backlink from Wikipedia is very important.

  • Benefit Focused Content Creation: Benefit-Focused Content Creation is similar to most other types of creation, with one huge difference: it focuses on the outcomes that your audience wants. In short create and promote the contents which will benefits user.

  • Backlinks from Authority Sites: Get backlinks from trusted website. Authority websites are mostly ranked at the top of SERPs as these websites have high quality contents that user finds helpful and informational. These websites are normally focused on one topic. High quality contents leads to more traffic and sharing of contents on social networking sites. To find authority websites search for the services / products that your website offers on Google along with the extensions .org/.edu/.gov or use search engine commands followed by keywords.

  • Generate Backlinks for the Pages for which website is ranking on 2nd 3rd pages. Identify authority pages on the website and generate backlinks for those pages.

  • Description for YouTube Videos: Write brief description of around 200 words for YouTube videos. Search engines can’t watch videos or text in the videos hence write proper description or a mini blog post for the videos. Promote these videos properly.

  • Reverse Engineering: It is nothing but check what your competitors are doing. Monitor them closely. Don’t duplicate the contents that are restricted by copyright law. Use competitors approach mainly link building strategy and the keywords they are targeting.

  • Expert Roundup: Blog post that collect insight from group of experts by searching for related information on the web.

These are some vital off page SEO factors that will help to boost SERP ranking and thus traffic to the website. Let me know your query or doubt via comments.

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