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Difference between Accelerated Mobile Pages and Responsive Mobile Website

Accelerated Mobile Pages and Responsive mobile website both use the same fundamental elements for building a mobile page: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

AMP is a very available framework for creating fast loading mobile Web Pages. These are lightweight pages designed to load speedily on mobile. It is an open source initiative by launched by Google in October 2015. Google AMP is a proxy based content delivery network. It fetches HTML pages, cache them and load pages at higher speed,

How to make website Responsive and Mobile Friendly?

A website can be made mobile friendly or responsive by adding media query. Media query allow display of content as per the mobile device. It allow web pages to use different CSS styles rules depending on mobile features such as height, width color etc. It is logical query which can be either “True” or “False” If query is “True” then the relevant style sheet follow normal cascading rules.

Difference between AMP Pages and Responsive Mobile Website

Duplicate Content Issue:

  • AMP pages have different URL as they are provided to the user from Google AMP cache. Need to fix duplicate content issue.

  • Responsive mobile friendly page is the same page of the website but with different layout. Means no separate URL is generated and hence no duplicate content issue.

Load Time :

  • AMP Pages are designed mainly for static contents to mobile device with high speed.

  • Responsive or mobile friendly website often fails on speed.

New Design.

  • For AMP Pages no need of redesigning a new website.

  • For responsive mobile friendly website we need to redesign a website.

Website Supports :

  • AMP Pages at present supports only static contents. They are ideal for news articles, blog posts, and informative pages.

  • Responsive or mobile Friendly website supports not only static contents website but also web forms and custom applications.

Page size: AMP Pages size is less as compare to Responsive mobile pages. Hence AMP pages load faster than RWD.

Google webmaster tool or search console provides mobile usability report for issues regarding mobile friendliness under Search Traffic. AMP related issues are listed under Search Appearance. To track the traffic to AMP pages you can add them to Google Analytics.

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