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SEO Resources Vol.8

If you have a local office and spend five hours in a smart and efficient manner on your local SEO, you will reap the benefits for years to come. Don't be discouraged if your business isn't ranking in the top three results within a week, though. Like anything in life, it can take time and continued work for Google to recognize your efforts.

How does your merchandising strategy affect SEO? Columnist Stephanie LeVonne describes the various challenges that can arise if you overlook the importance of communicating your merchandising strategy with your SEO team.

This isn’t a simple question. How you redirect will depend on the technology stack in play and your intent. Are you redirecting one page to another, one domain to another, are you maintaining the file structure, redirecting multiple pages to one, redirecting a folder to another? There are a lot of considerations for where you’re going to put in the redirect, and there are other steps you will need to take depending on the situation.

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